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What is TL On Demand?

TL stands for “Transformational Leadership.” While every leader has influence, not every leader has the power to positively impact others or move organizations toward success. Having the right tools to foster an organization that you aspire to lead makes you a Transformational Leader.

How it works:

  • You’ll learn to identify and address the constraints that are holding you or your organization back from achieving results.
  • We’ll teach you how to develop a common language and authentic relationships to positively transform your business, culture and individual team members.
  • You’ll also discover ways to build deep, trusting relationships with staff and clients that will stimulate growth and inspire success.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

Bring out the great leader that is inside of you by learning how to identify and address the constraints that are holding you or your organization back from achieving the results you want to achieve.

Bring Out The Best In One Another

Learn how to work together as a team by developing a common language and authentic relationships that will not only transform your business and your culture, but will positively transform the lives of all those in it.

Achieve Exponential Growth & Success

When you learn to lead with purpose you will stimulate growth and inspire success by building deep, trusting relationships with not only your staff and clients … but your family and all those who you influence.

TL On Demand … Virtually Transform Your Leadership

A good leader is always learning and with TL On Demand, you can learn how to take your leadership to the next level any time … any where.

Virtual interactivity

Uniquely designed testing mechanisms allow users to actively participate and engage to foster comprehension and retention. Repeat and review key courses and exercises as you advance through the training.

Built-in accountability tools

State-of-the-art accountability features monitor progress with comprehensive reports and alert notifications directly to email or SMS in real-time.

Internet Accessibility 24/7

Accessible anytime on any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Easy to Use

Our user-friendly platform makes navigation simple for all skill levels. Once logged in, you will be able to begin training with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Event Calendar

Transformational Leadership Training

The Missing Link: The key to professional effectiveness, personal fulfillment and healthy relationships

We know from experience that transformation is a process and not a one-time event. In addition to the virtual TL On Demand experience, we also encourage you to experience one of our powerful live trainings.

Offered in select cities in the U.S. and around the world are live trainings presented by founder and creator of Transformational Leadership, Ford Taylor. In addition, certified trainers and facilitators also offer living trainings that vary in length and are perfect for absorbing the materials with other students.

Check out the event calendar to register for a live training near you.

Who We Are

Operating under The FSH Group, which is comprised of Transformational Leadership Training, the FSH Strategy Consultant division, and the charitable FSH Foundation, the Transformational Leadership Team is comprised of presidents, CEOs, facilitators and coaches who have extensive experience in team building and training as well as broad expertise in sales, financial systems and operational management. The Transformational Leadership Team is devoted to removing constraints, equipping leaders and empowering people to maximize potential, relationships, profit and purpose.

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Executive Team

Ford Taylor

Founder, FSH Group

Ford is known as a man who can solve complex business issues, with straightforward practical solutions, while maintaining his focus on the people that serve the organization.

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Catherine Williams

CEO, FSH Group

Prior to joining The FSH Group as CEO, Catherine was the Owner/Operator of Webb and Associates,a consulting group that provides strategy/leadership development to top companies at critical business junctures.

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Michael K. Williams

CFO, FSH Group

Michael has more than twenty years’ experience in corporate finance and accounting. While spending most of his career in finance, he also has numerous years experience in the Financial Services industry and is securities licensed.

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Reading about our training is one thing. Actually experiencing it is quite another.

We’ve put together a sample course that will start you on the path to transforming your business and your life.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a question about the material?

We have an extensive catalog of commonly asked questions and answers built into the training. If you have more questions, simply post your questions on your LightPad and the team at Transformational Leadership will personally answer your question.

Is the program optimized for other mobile platforms?

Yes, the Virtual Training System is accessible via Android, Apple, and Google.

Where can I find the training live?

Add a whole new level of understanding by attending a live training. Visit to find the latest schedule for live seminars.

If I’ve already attended a live training, why should I subscribe?

We teach that transformation tools may be simple, but they are not easy. People often find that breakthroughs frequently happen with repetition. Mastery can be accelerated through the virtual tool. As we teach – transformation is a process, not an event.

Can an employer monitor employees’ training?

Yes, built into the system is a powerful feedback system, so you can test, track, and measure each person’s grasp of the material.

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Transform the face of your business and your life with TL On Demand.

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